All our metal panels and privacy screens are made of material that is sourced from the United States. Our products are manufactured, assembled and processed in the State of Nebraska. They are handcrafted by our team and not mass produced. Our processes involve a high level of skill, attention to detail and creativity.

We are also proud to support the American economy and American jobs.

We do not compromise on quality. We work with all sorts of metals such as steel, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, brass and much more, depending on availability. We also custom fabricate products to your specifications and are able to design bent tabs, flanges and a variety of hinges based on your requirements. All our designs are done in-house.

All load bearing panels or safety panels will be no less than 10-gauge steel to meet structural requirements. Customers must inform us of such requirements. Decorative panels that are non-load bearing have more options for thickness of material depending on the purpose or usage. Our typical panels are made of 14-gauge steel. For safety reasons, we must adhere to the 4-inch maximum opening code when notified by a customer or contractor. You must let us know in writing.

Depending on the usage of the railings or panels, we will use commercial quality A36 or Higher Grade Pickled and Oiled Steel Plate. Only the panels that meet the inspection standards of our CEO leave the shop.

We take great pride in giving you the best and we are always striving for operational excellence.

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