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Welcome to FabriPlas Metal, a custom fabrication and  ornamental metal decor company that is here to serve all 50 states of the United States of America. We are a family owned and operated business located in the Midwest. Our dreams to have a metal fabrication facility started about 20 years ago. 

Paul, the owner and CEO of the company knew he always had a passion for fabrication and wanted to bring his dreams to reality. He started out rank and file, learning all about the fabrication industry and now has 25 years under his belt to know what it is all about. He is a perfectionist when it comes to cutting parts, sanding and finishing them in their excellent state. Having an all around knowledge of the industry, his knowledge and experience has helped us propel to the next level of our dreams. 

Sheila is co-owner of the company and is a Public Relations and Media Specialists, with more than 25 years experience. She is also knowledgeable about graphic designs and manages all the social media channels for the company, trying to grow the business to its fullest potential. Her main goal in growing the business is client relations, which she takes seriously. Together, we have been able to find the perfect combination to make this business a success. We do not compromise on quality and only ship products that meet our standards. Our designs come from the heart and life’s experiences that have taught us much over the years.

Always on point with metal creations


Our mission is to spur economic growth in the metal manufacturing and custom fabrication area. We are always coming up with new designs and innovations. With that in mind, we recently released our new line of products because we saw a need for beautiful, elegant, contemporary and modern privacy screening or railing options. No matter where these metal panels are used, they will certainly add charm to your outdoor and indoor space. Check out our privacy screens on the store page. You may keep up with the latest designs by signing up for our Newsletter and product specials.

With the combined experience of 50 years as a couple, in the metal fabrication, marketing and public relations, we only strive to give our customers the best. Thank you for visiting us on this website.

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Customized Metal Signs & metal screens To Me

No matter what preference of style you have be it mid century modern, shabby chic, farmhouse, urban modern, nautical or industrial, we have a little bit for everyone. We are continuing to grow our product lines and will be adding to the current ones as time goes on.

100% USA Made and
Our products are 100% American made from metal sheets sourced from the USA. They can be used indoors and outdoors and have the ability to withstand weather elements such as rain, snow and sun for an extended time. We use premium quality finishes for our products.

Quality Metal Products Designed With Versatility

No matter what your project is, we have the expertise to take on a variety of projects. Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to take on larger jobs with a quicker turnaround time. Our 6′ x 12′ CNC plasma cutter is highly precise, efficient and has pushed the limits of what an air plasma cutter is capable of. Our products have been shipped to over 48 states across the United States.

Always on point with
metal creations

If you need design ideas and solutions, our team of professionals will certainly look at various options to offer up the best and most affordable resolution for your project.