FabriPlas Metal/ FabriPlas Metal Works is not responsible in satisfying city and county codes in your individual areas. These are responsibilities of the customer and their contractor since we are not on site. It has to be made to known to us if you require 4-in maximum code standards to be met prior to ordering by contacting us or by calling us. There must be contact established. Please read entire description before ordering. Our standard panels are flat metal panels with mounting holes on the perimeter unless you have opted for bent flanges, which is an additional charge.

These panels are decorative in nature and are not designed to be climbed on. Edges may be sharp at times. They are not play structures. We are not responsible for children, adults or animals that may/could get hurt as a result of contact with these panels. Customers are responsible for such supervision. By purchasing our panels, you exempt us from any liability that may arise from such incidents, as you have been warned and notified.

Color and finish may vary with each panel as these are custom designs. Our panels are made 100% Made in the USA. We urge you to support your USA small businesses. You will not be subjected to brokerage and customs fees when ordering from your very own United States based business. Please note that our production times are running longer at the moment due to the inability of finding workers and break in supply chain despite trying to actively hire. If you are not willing to work with us on production times, we strongly discourage you from ordering. We are not able to accommodate requests to speed up orders after you have placed an order. We have to treat all customers fairly.