Please note that we are a small family-owned business, and all items are custom made. Our production times are currently running between 7-9 weeks due to labor shortage issues. We DO NOT keep items in stock as some of our items have a high demand and we are constantly producing these art pieces, therefore there IS a production/processing time for all orders.

We take pride in producing quality American products and have several processes that we adhere to, to produce these beautiful pieces. There are no short cuts to a good product from start to finish, that’s why we need the time. We do not mass produce.

Please note that our production times are running longer at the moment due to the inability to find workers and break in some supply chain for certain paint products. If you are not willing to work with us on production times, we strongly discourage you from ordering. We are not able to accommodate requests to speed up orders after you have placed an order. We have to treat all customers fairly.


We do not accept returns, exchanges or cancellations on these products. If you have any issues with shipping damage, please keep all your packaging, take photos and be in touch with us within 48 hours of delivery. We will not take any responsibility of loss/damaged packages 7 days after delivery/non-delivery of the package as these can be time sensitive to manage. We ask you be in touch with the carrier IMMEDIATELY and keep us posted as well to find a solution. Return shipping is to be covered by the customer in case of any damage. We will evaluate damage claims on a case-by-case basis. All packaging must be retained in order for a full assessment to be done.

Installation Advice and Working With Your Local Contractors

Please note that we do not provide installation advise as we are not on site. You will need to engage a local contractor for that purpose. All custom orders will come with a CAD drawing close to production date for customers to sign and approve. This will serve as the final agreement between seller and buyer on dimensions, sizing, color and other specifications. No changes can be made once production has started and any changes or associated cost will be borne by the customer. Please consult a local contractor to make sure your sizing is correct and have them verify details on it before production. We will not be responsible for mistakes made on sizing, post-production.


Please note, there will be variations in graphic design based on the size you choose. You will be given a graphic prior to production for custom requests. Smaller sizes will have some details cut out of it. We will try and preserve as much detail as we can. Colors can also vary from what you see as different browsers display colors differently.

Custom Orders

Please message us if you would like a custom order or have any specific questions.

For custom orders, customers will be provided with a graphic JPG file or PDF to review their prints before production after an order is placed. There will be opportunities to make revisions at least 2x. Approvals on print drawings must be received in a timely manner, so there are no production delays and that it may be shipped as planned. If we do not hear back from a customer, we will typically reach out again but will proceed with production 72 hours after our email requesting for a graphic approval is sent.

If there is additional graphic design time involved, a customer will be informed about additional costs before placing the order. If you would like customization after placing an order, there will be additional charges for the graphic time involved in making the change. Programming, cutting, sanding, painting, clear coating, or powder coating are all part of producing a good product. Depending on the complexity of the products, some may take extra time to create, and you will be informed prior to ordering as designs take time.


Prices are subject to change without notice as we are very dependent on steel prices directly and its availability.


Our shipping dates are ESTIMATED dates on the shop. Your product may ship out sooner or later, depending on the availability of painting supplies such as paint color and clear coat, which has caused delays in supplies to us although orders have been placed early with our vendors. We will reach out to customers to let them know of the status of their orders, if we run into such delays. We would like to thank you in advance for your patience as the country works its way out of shortages caused by the pandemic.

Information On Shipping & Expedited Processing

Please note we will ship these railings and panels in the most cost effective and safest way possible. All shipments will be via UPS Ground. If you are buying more than 4 panels, please be sure to reach out to us for an estimated shipping rate based on your zip code.

We do not ship to Alaska, Hawaii or Mexico due to some restrictions we have. Free shipping is only offered to the lower 48 states.

With regards to delivery times, we are only able to give you an estimated delivery time. Some of our products are outsourced for powder coating with our partners and we cannot guarantee a shipment to get to you by a certain date unless you have made prior arrangements with us and paid an Expedited Fee of $200 to shorten processing times. This can only be done if we agree to expediting your order in writing.


If you would like to meet with us via a zoom call prior to ordering, please request a meeting. We are happy to meet our customers virtually and will arrange for a convenient time to do so. You are what makes us, and we truly mean that from our hearts.


FabriPlas Metal/ FabriPlas Metal Works is not responsible in satisfying city and county codes in your individual areas. These are responsibilities of the customer and their contractor since we are not on site. It has to be made to known to us if you require 4-in maximum code standards to be met prior to ordering by contacting us or by calling us. There must be contact established.

These panels are decorative in nature and are not designed to be climbed on. Edges may be sharp at times. They are not play structures. We are not responsible for children, adults or animals that may/could get hurt as a result of contact with these panels. Customers are responsible for such supervision. By purchasing our panels, you exempt us from any liability that may arise from such incidents, as you have been warned and notified.

Color and finish may vary with each panel as these are custom designs. Our panels are made 100% Made in the USA. We urge you to support your USA small businesses. You will not be subjected to brokerage and customs fees when ordering from your very own United States based business. Please note that our production times are running longer at the moment due to the inability of finding workers and break in supply chain despite trying to actively hire. If you are not willing to work with us on production times, we strongly discourage you from ordering. We are not able to accommodate requests to speed up orders after you have placed an order. We have to treat all customers fairly.

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